Hollywood North Interview with Loretta Todd

July 8, 2018
July 8, 2018 Lynne Bennett

Hollywood North Interview with Loretta Todd

Exclusive – Loretta Todd is an Award Winning Cree Filmmaker and Mentor

I remember a time when talking to strangers wasn’t breaking a cardinal rule. People that barely knew you went out of their way to help. I miss those times because communication and good advice were more plentiful. Staying home meant your parents would invite their friends over. They’d tell jokes, perform a magic trick or start a story with, ‘Did I ever tell you the time I got myself into such a pickle I…’ If they caught you listening, they’d usually throw you some good advice to use later in life. As your path begins, the people that come into your life have the potential to leave quite an impression. I’ll never forget the day my dad told me his good friend had passed away. As he lay on his hospital bed, he turned to my dad and said, “kill them with kindness”. His candle burned out shortly after.  When my dad told me his last words, I didn’t fully realize the connotation until later in years. Considering my dad’s friend could’ve said anything else, continues to impress me.

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